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Originally Posted by iona6656 View Post
Also, PCs only have decision making authority if both parents give them that. Doesnt sound like in your case- either parent would agree to that.

Whats the big issue with school in February? Is it because they disagree whether the youngest goes to Montessori? v JK at public school?
She wants a PC involved at this point. He took her to court over school.. not all the way. They settled at the courthouse. But she was pretty pissed.

And yes they disagree about public versus private Montessori school. Hes a former public school teacher for high school math. Firm believer that Montessori education is best and there would be no cost for her to send them. She doesnt want to do it though because its far (30min drive). Her nanny can walk the kids to and from the local public school. Montessori isnt worth the commitment in her view.
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