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I dont really believe that this poster knows what her ex was doing in the months she was gone. Remember the one side of the story attitude? I think there is much more to this story than what has been posted. If she had stayed in Ontario and done something there might be more sympathy but because she ran I have a feeling there is more.

I dont buy anything but the fact that she abducted the kids. Just about everyone here told her to file paperwork. She didnt. She didnt file anything until the ex filed paperwork.

And sending the stuff to the only known address he had for her isnt lying. If she had forwarded her mail it would have gotten to her. He took a chance and there was no forwarding.

Even her lawyer who she paid to tell her what she wanted to hear told her to go back. Was that lawyer in cahoots with her ex too? Im probably in cahoots with him for pointing out the obvious. The police, the courts, this forum, her lawyer, santa claus and the tooth fairy are all in cahoots with her ex and why? Because none of them are telling her what she wants to hear.