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LF32's situation was different. Notably, I did not believe that LF32 was an abuser. His ex was an accuser with no evidence and his ex admitted her accusations were false. Neither LF32 nor his ex were lawyers using court services to advantage their legal positions. LF32 and/or his ex did not lie in court about service of documents. LF32 did not know where his child was for a very long time. The father in this case knew where his children were. LF32 immediately went to the police station upon coming home and finding his daughter gone. The father in this case did nothing for many, many months.... etc. Differences. The only similarity is that the women in these cases both utilized a women's shelter. I do not believe that every woman who goes to a shelter is lying about abuse.

My comparison of my situation was merely to point out that just because someone isn't charged with something doesn't mean the criminal act did not occur.

I really think that lying about service of documents could be a very important issue. Father/lawyer could be facing contempt and his application/pleadings be struck from the record.