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It's time for you to move on now.

The number of times you've attacked me shows me that this hit close to home. Domestic Violence is wrong and multifaceted -As I'm sure you're aware.

You're making this way too personal. You're not a lawyer or a judge, you're behaving like a troll.

Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
You dont have to respond to me. Im saying what I am to point out the inconsistencies in your statements and responding to your request for thoughts. Plus, I dont want someone months from now finding this thread and thinking its ok to take off.

There are a few male posters on this thread who had their children taken from them with ample accusations of abuse and months of trying to find their kids to get through the process. Im sure if your ex came on here he would say you are crazy and made this up and stole the kids. The fact that you took off and didnt tell him where you were speaks volumes. The lack of charges and a conviction speaks even more.

If you went into a shelter Im sure they helped you and were working with you on setting up your life in the childrens habitual residence and getting your life on track. No shelter would coach a woman to abduct children.

What you did was illegal and if your ex had done it you would demand the book be thrown at him. Claims of abuse or unhappiness mean nothing and you have now ruined things for your children as it is more likely your ex will win full custody.

I dont care what you think of me or my statements. You are a kidnapper who has thwarted the law and process and continue to think you are above it. There are plenty of single mothers who have abuse convictions against their exes, who have been through the painful process and who have been successful. You have now set them back by giving judges and lawyers another statistic to use as evidence of flight risks. Not to mention you may have opened up the shelter you were at, and possibly all shelters, to investigation for what they may be saying to mothers about leaving.

People on this forum gave you advice that was right and true and you ignored it. Now people are giving you further advice you want to ignore. If you are just looking for sympathy for a cause you screwed yourself on then go somewhere else. You are an insult to those of us here who follow the law and do what is expected of us.