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Try changing your mindset from victim to survivor. As a victim you ran away from the situation because that what you thought was best at the time. Now think of yourself as a survivor and you know the courts may force you to come back and you need a new game plan, to keep yourself and your children safe. There are safe guards in the system to help you, including supervised visits.

You got out by running away, but now you need to go back a stronger women and clean up the mess because you have children. You will never have to be under the same roof with him, but your children might, so get CAS involved, I am surprised they aren't already. Police and the Women Shelter are mandatory reporters.. I have had an open file with them for a year now, for far less than you have gone through.

You CAN have a peaceful life in Ontario too, I fear now, your life in another Province is not going to be so peaceful anymore, now that he knows where you are and has started litigation in the Ontario Courts., With an ex as a Lawyer and the upper hand in Court because of you abducting the children its going to get a lot worse, You have now put yourself in a position to lose custody of your children. .

You are raising children, teach them to be strong and not put up with abuse, don't teach them to just run. You need to step up and break the cycle. You can do this!!! We will help you!