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Originally Posted by LeChateau View Post
Thank you for the insight.

I agree that this will be an uphill battle. I certainly would have brought forth a mobility application if I had the foresight/or information at the time, instead of wanting to run away from him... I might have to retain counsel from both sides moving forward. * sighs *

How old are your children? They have been there 8 months but how long were they in Ontario?

Im sorry for what you have had to go through but you did abduct your children and moved them out of their habitual residence. It is very possible your ex was dealing with his criminal case before starting this one as with charges pending he knows he would lose. I would strongly urge you to hire an experienced mobility lawyer if youre trying to fight your ex who is a lawyer.

The courts dont care what happened between the two of you. Without convictions or cas reports all you have are allegations against him. If you have video evidence of his abuse how was he not convicted?

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