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I believe there are three (3) things to consider:

1. I believe it is significant that your ex took so long to start legal action.
2. It is also significant that he, an officer of the court, lied about serving you.
3. Finally... his actions, if presented properly with corroborating evidence that you say you possess, may reveal a power imbalance. He is a lawyer and uses court resources to further his case?

These should be emphasized, IMO, by competent legal representation. There is case law on CanLii about these matters.

I'm not sure about the "judge's endorsement" that you move back to Ontario. I didn't think a judge could compel anyone to move... just children be returned and one would think it would have a police enforcement clause? It is now 8 months after the fact. This could be a very interesting case.

I'm sure Tayken will have some insight.