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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Does your agreement not say anything about the child�s contribution? Or is it a section is split 50/50 kind of thing?

I asked about the income as many who make over 150g get stuck with a difficult fight.

Being included means nothing regardless of what your agreement says. Your ex may get her knuckles wrapped for not including you but it�s not a deal breaker as far as the court is concerned.

You didn�t answer my question about whether kid had a job and earned money. She is obligated to contribute. Especially since she decided to go away which means an additional $12,000 (at least) in expenses.

I would remind her that the agreement ALSO SAYS that the decision would include you AND expenses discussed prior to incurring them. Not to mention the program is offered closer to home with a reduced costs. Make her an offer to pay either 50% of the school expenses with kid paying residence and travel costs. Otherwise you will pay your proportionate share of 2/3 the cost as she decided to go against the agreement.
Sorry, forgot to answer that. She did have a part time job while living at home with her mother but I understand her hours were cut down to almost nothing due to Covid and being a part time employee, so her company cut all the part timers.

Our separation agreement had a section that each parent pays 50/50 and nothing in it about kid contribution.

Residence costs for the year are $15,000
With tuition coming in at $6000

When I told her that 1/3 is a thing she laughed and denied that. her lawyer then sent me a text message this morning saying he’s never heard of 1-3 rule and that I’d take the 50/50 if I were you or it could cost me more in the end. I was surprised that he text me as it doesn’t seem all that professional, but he claimed he’s trying to save us some financial hardships and end this before it goes further.
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