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Counseling is supposed to be a safe place. If you have not spoken with your daughters for years, then being with you is not a safe place. To be clear, safe doesn't mean "we think that florio is going to rape his daughters once he gets into the same room", rather it is more along the lines of "they haven't talked to their dad for years, lets make the daughters comfortable first".

Frankly, the fact that they are even willing to go to counseling is fantastic. It means that they are open to changing the situation. Many parents who have been cut out of the lives of their children don't get a chance.

Originally Posted by florio View Post
I told him I have nothing to hide from my girls.
That is not why you are being excluded. I would be uncomfortable being stuck in a room with a friend I had not spoken to in six years, let alone a father. This isn't about you. You need to check your ego.

If it's not this, than what? My therapist was not able to say anything when I asked him how could we measure the progress in this therapy after let's say three paid sessions.
Three sessions is nothing. You are probably looking at six months to a year at least.

Now, my observations:

  1. You call yourself a victim
  2. You expect immediate results
  3. You were unreasonably hostile to blink
I think the therapy will be a failure and that your daughters will never talk to you again. You strike me as somebody who will never take responsibility for his own actions and who is trying to control his grown daughters. I think you should save your money, and use it to treat yourself to some vacations.
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