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You're completely at a lost. Read my previous post and start compiling the facts. Build your case intelligently.

The more she could get (if entitle to which I still deny) is half the 6 years you were married. That is 3 years. The 2 to 14 years of SS is completely BS and irrational as a range.

She shouldn't get SS at 30, in good health condition, with a CPA degree, with work experience, a child of 6yo going to school....

Working under the table would need some proof. Just saying or speculation is no good. Have statistics of actual CPA working in similar areas with # of years. Seek help from job placement companies (EXCEL HR) and college/university rate of placement and salary.

GEEEEES i'm an accountant myself with no damn professionnal degree and I am swamped at work!
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