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On a lot of topics, scientific research seems to line up with liberal or left-wing politics pretty closely. But this isn't always the case, especially when it comes to gender, sexuality, and race.
Well UBC psychology professor Don Dutton teaches in Vancouver, Canada, which is much more "liberal" and "well intentioned" than many other countries. And despite being liberal himself, he has run into roadblocks in Canada when the facts and evidence do not line up with existing liberal ideologies.
Many gender stereotypes around violence and victimization which aren't backed up by the data are slow to die in Canada. Despite having a near academic consensus behind him about the symmetrical nature of domestic violence, he has found this hard to sell to Canadians, and especially to Canadian lawmakers.
The data indicates that domestic violence is most commonly bidirectional, with women being more violent against men than the reverse. Public policy in Canada does not recognize this reality though. Men who seek help are often called abusers. And men who call the police are often arrested instead of their attackers.
In one case, a husband called police after his drunken wife attacked him. The police found the man with a knife sticking out of his body. They still arrested him.
Dutton notes that conservatives often aren't much better than liberals, but conservatives don't hold institutional or social power in Canada, so that isn't really an issue.
Liberal-left politicians and activists have turned domestic violence into solely a women’s rights issue, often defining the entire category as “violence against women.”
Conservative politicians don’t get the picture either, he says. Since they want to appear protective of women, they appeal to religious supporters by framing partner violence as a lack of “family values.”
So basically everyone takes a gendered approach that supports women more than men, they just have different reasons for it. Showing how liberal id politics often reinforces traditional gender paradigms instead of moving away from them.
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