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Default Online divorce?

I recently stumbled upon a article, about online divorce. This makes me sad, they are starting to make divorce seem like it is an everyday thing. Here is the article:

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Getting a divorce online is a form of do it yourself divorce geared towards couples who have decided to divorce and can agree on the all the details and terms of a divorce.

What is so nice about about getting a divorce online is that you can prepare your divorce papers at your own pace. No having to wait for an appointment with your lawyer, no having to take time off from work, and no having to deal with the lengthy divorce process. has partnered with to provide you with this service allowing you prepare your divorce forms online. Better than the divorce kits, you receive detailed instructions and explanations to complete your divorce online. Your divorce papers will be filled out specific to your state, your children (if you have any), and your individual incomes, plus your completed documents can be ready for filing in less than one hour.

As an added value to this service, every account has access to a free divorce download center consisting of books and manuals written by divorce professionals. These downloads can help you quickly get the answers you need before, during, and after their divorce. The value of these books alone is over $750, and offer a wealth of information. You can check out the various books at the Free Divorce Download Center.

The cost to get your divorce online is only $299, an exceptional value considering the level of customer support, the free access to the self-help manuals, and the ease of use. Just think how much that will save you over the cost of hiring a lawyer for your uncontested divorce. If you would like to have your divorce papers prepared for you, I would suggest checking out the 3Step Divorce online capabilities.