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you cant the system is against you unless your willing to part with all your assets and pay lawyer fees

divorce separation is for the rich everyday working people lose it all just go your separate ways and move forward

my ex left me in 2006 with 2 kids i had the house and mortgage was allowed to get new mortgage without ex permission while i was insolvent i went three times to declare bankruptcy the trustees said no you cant sell the house no child support i lived off credit cards and racked up a debt and then sold house kids got older and left i got tiny apartment the rent has never went up lol had 3 judgments against me wages garnished by one bank only and ex got great job bought a house and i am destitute in 2019 at age 64 they were not going to give me my pension from work and i told oh hell yes you are and i got it i even got my cpp pension without splitting nothing i would not play the legal separation paper game or divorce game

i could write a book about debt collectors and wage being garnshee and what banks do and collection agency and the crooked lawyers and judges who don't follow their own court rules and the reason you cant go bankrupt if you hold a government CMCH mortgage the RT Honourble jim flaggerty said it wisely government should not be into mortgages and its a little secret of theirs i never went bankrupt lol
that happen over ten years ago i just sent away for my credit report in this final chapter lol
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