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See assumption about the income tax made by a single person make you believe we ripped the system. She settles her debt with the CRA this is not what I wanted to discuss here. And no it was not like the wild asumption and calculation made here without knowing a single thing about how much we made etc.... The income tax is not an issue here, the issues was wheter or not someone could claim survivor benefit after separation. Yes I have made an application and my intention was for her daughter. I am not sure if this will be accepted by the government. But that would be advantageous (mostly to person receiving support) to a person that tried to get back on his/her feet after divorce. Of course there should be limitation.

During my separation I did not provide my income tax statement until we started negociation with a province appointee present, so really it never got to the judge. But my pay guide and pension guide did, he look at the financial disclosure form as well. This is how he figures out how much for the spousal support. I also learn that a judge cannot change the law, but he can change the judgement. It is up to the government to change the law.