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Talk with your lawyer in regards to doing so. Cases are remanded all the time. Have seen it while I was in court, many of the lawyers at the time have requested it for a variety of reasons. Done on the fly so to speak while infront of the Judge. The following is a link to a list of forms that are used in the family court system. you may only have to file a Motion and that would be #14 etc. Just scroll down that page and there they all are for you to print out. But ask your lawyer (thier assistant may even know) or another, duty counsel, a paralegal. Lots to ask in your area.

Your lawyer is correct in that there would be additional expense if he did so, like everyone they want to get paid for his time so keep that in mind.

Rereading your post again I think as well is that while all may agree that there is not much need of the trial because they are forcing the issue of not wanting to settle anything that it should just be allowed to move to trial. remanding would just be adding expenses to your bill. Is that worth it? Some things to talk with them about.