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with my stbx I became stepmom to his two daughters.... in the beginning we took things really slow and easy. He was responsible for them, with me in a supporting function.... I took the time to form a relationship with his girls too, without forcing myself on them.... They came to see their dad and I as a united front, and I ended up parenting them just as much as he did ((moreso due to his work/access schedule))... even when I became pregnant with my first child, I made sure to include them in as much as I could to really reinforce the "family unit". I was lucky in that their mom and I were able to develop a pretty good relationship and supported each other....

A word of advice for your gf - it's never easy in the beginning! As young as your daughter is, your gf is not "mom" and should tread gently. She doesn't have to be a "parent" but she does have to stand beside you and support you..... move gradually into a "parental" kind of role......

And above all - BEST WISHES!!