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I get the distinct impression that you, Serene, are the partner of the father of the children. I also get the impression that you are at odds with the mother of the children. While your efforts to get the paperwork in order are admirable, it is the father who is ultimately responsible to speak to the judge. You can't do it for him.

Your spouse can request that the judge direct Our Family Wizard be used for any and all communication with the mother. A parenting coordinator, for the father and mother, would be a legitimate request.

Your spouse would deny the section 7 expenses because he has documentation to prove he is already paying all section 7 expenses.

Documentation which attest to children's success in school would be relevant and would likely support your claim that no change to current custody is warranted.

Documentation which supports children's physical and mental health might be relevant.

All the other stuff, in my opinion, is just stuff.

I would recommend your spouse keep his response focussed: denial of mother's request to change custody arrangement and motion for use of OFW and parenting coordinator.

Can't this simply be handled by way of motion?