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Brampton33, you stated:
You are not in a position to start making assumptions about your ex's employer's viewpoints on work/life balance or their flexibility.

But now that it is known that I do know those things and they favor child care you are saying they are irrelevant. It does knock a bit of wind out how you say a judge will rule.

"you do not have the legal right to determine what is in your ex spouse or your children’s best interests during your ex’s parenting time"
A judge does though, changing parenting time is that done?

Food for thought: Did anyone think that maybe I am the one that wants to send them to afterschool care and I am defending this?
I am trying to get unbiased responses and be as certain as possible.

"afterschool care is not needed because the mother works from home and can care for the kids" is the only item I have found but it only has "reasons for a decision" for this case. Where is the rest?

There are COVID items there but the only one I found that supported getting the kids into afterschool was where one parent did something really bad regarding school and got smacked for it. Has not happened here.

prior history on this is with the previous child and the working from home parent would pick the child up from school, that was during the marriage.
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