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My understanding is that if 1 parent says they need before/after school care, then its needed. Regardless if they work from home or not.

Your ex may say they need full 100% concentration until 5pm and then want to leave their home workspace and go pick up kid from after-school care. That would be totally legit and hold up in court. You are not in a position to start making assumptions about your ex's employer's viewpoints on work/life balance or their flexibility. If your ex says she needs before/after school care, that is her call and judgement. You would have a hard battle to fight it.

The one thing you could challenge is the extravagance of before/after school care, if that is being considered. For example, your ex may say that it must be at X location at $800/month, whereby there is a perfectly good alternative option nearby at $300/month. That you could argue. But not whether or not it is actually needed in light of your ex working from home.

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