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IMHO - FRO is pretty much useless..they can't find them?! In my paticular circumstance over $18,000 in arrears were racked up, and ex never changed his address, phone number, car, licence plate or hair style for that matter. He was right where he was from the beginning. I called them I don't know how many times over a period of 3 years, and in those 3 years they sent one letter....oooh scary!!! They better be carefull or they just might give someone a paper cut!

The way the sytem is set up is ridiculous, you can completley ignore court orders and get away it, you can lie your face off and nobody cares, except when it comes to money, the system seems pretty quick to rectify any financial issues. You can interfere with visitation and access, you can demonize the ncp without any fear of retribution. Too bad there wasn't some kind of registry to report all the crappy behaviour done by parents in the midst of custody disputes.

They show about a dozen men who haven't been 'found'. I guess it's okay to be in arrears as long as they know where you are I seriously doubt 'Good Parents Pay' is going to be effective as it relies on people having some kind of conciousness of behaviour and morals and chances are if you do you wouldn't be listed on the site.