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Default How Do I Properly Prepare an Affidavit with Exhibits?

I have to prepare an affidavit for an upcoming motion, I am currently un-represented. My understanding is that any document that is referred to in the affidavit has to be attached as an Exhibit. Do I have to include the OCL report as an Exhibit, it has been submitted to the courts by the OCL. In my ex's affidavit, in his Form 14: Notice of Motion he makes reference to the report and does mention it in his affidavit but does not include it as an Exhibit, it states that he is relying on it as a document in the Continuing Record. What exactly is the Continuing Record and if I make reference to the report will the judge automatically know that it is in the Continuing Record? I obviously am not going to be doing a Notice of Motion so how do I rely on this document?