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Originally Posted by sufferer View Post
We finally got decision after 5.5 months of waiting.Due to his unreasonable insane behaviour ofcourse he lost in custody/child support and termination of arrears.
Now he send a letter to my lawyer demanding either I should reduce the cs and ask for no costs otherwise he will appeal.

Now if he appeals what will happen.

How much will it cost if he appeals?Do he need any permission to appeal?
how soon will I know if his appeal has been grantedd

Totally confused but was expecting it.
As with any appeal, he will need to show there was an error of law in the Judge's decision.

I would take it as an idle threat myself. Unless there was a substantial error on the Judge's part he'd likely be setting himself up for more costs being awarded against him.

What does your lawyer say? Can he/she find any error of law in the decision?