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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
The simple answer... Lots of people run to court screaming bloody murder because they want "justice" not settlement...
Fair enough. There is a flip side. I have been open to mediation and we did it. There was also a big push on by the judge to mediate everything to save time and money.

Now I am a position where I am being asked why I was not more forceful about going before a judge. Duty counsel told me that when I go before the judge they are going to ask why I did not fight harder, earlier. I found out that the cops were supposed to report my STBX to CAS. Cause they did not the onus is on me to have done it. I thought I had done my part to report to police the threats by a third part they were making to my STBX.

They push mediation but at the end of the day it is an adversarial system with everyone just pushing the problem along to someone else.