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Default Does anyone know?

Does any one know what happen after FRO issue a driving licence warning and 35 days passed. In my case this happen 2nd time. First warning was issued in last quarter of 2011, and then I was able to found the employer name and FRO started garnishing wages (so first warning became nil). Since he quit his previous job sometime in Sep 2011, and started new one, only small amounts are being received by FRO, such as 60, 80 per month. However, 2nd warning was issued sometime earlier this year. I am not sure what is going on now as I do not see any child support payment (FRO did not respond my recent request about updates on my case). He is being defaluted on current months for no reason.

If he keeps remitting 60 or 80 per month, does this mean that it will stop FRO to take enforcement action. I have told FRO that he is working full time and he is in his fuorth month now. I want him to behave and follow the order that we have for child support. Thanks