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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
I think that you can really tell a lot about the character of a custodial parent when they are faced with a situation where the NCP might get one or two days more than the agreement states. That's when you find out if they love their kid more than they hate their ex.

That said, this one is easy. He wants 8 days. He gets 8x24=192 hours.

But seriously, let him have the extra day. Airport, school, who cares.

Also, anyone who has vague agreements is crazy. Agreements should have days and hours specifically listed. You should know where your kids are going to be on December 27th, in the year 2021, at 11 in the morning. If you don't, then the agreement is too vague.
Janus there is a lot of truth in what you say. Both parties are so intent in their hate for each other they are both unable to deal civil on any occasion.

We had wanted an order which spelt out each visit in details but Dad just wanted to get it over with because he did not want to spend any more money on the agreement.

So vague is what we have for some things. But to be honest even on the parts that are spelt out Dad still always wants to change things and when he is given a no response he goes on a rant about his rights, his needs and how he will bring the full force of the judicial system and CAS onto Mom. He knows the CAS contact by name!

So not much hope there. In his eyes being reasonable shows weakness. - his words!
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