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Nobody should be allowed to take any child out of any country without BOTH parents' knowledge and consent!

If I got the third degree about taking my OWN children out of the country, why should it not be the same for a stepmother?

I can see her making an appointment for the kids to see a doctor for something simple like a cold or toothache, or taking them to a walk-in clinic for stitches, or xray if they've hurt themselves etc. You should be notified however and medical decisions (including medication) should not be made by her alone whatsoever.

1/2 timemom didn't say she wouldn't have consented to the kids going across the border, just that she should have been consulted, which is perfectly reasonable. She also admitted that the stepmom likely does have a "vested interest" in the children, but seems to be taking advantage of the situation, rather than remembering who the parents are and is forgetting that they have a mother who's beliefs, opinions and authority regarding the raising of the children precedes and supercedes hers as a stepmother.

That being said, there are bound to be clashes in beliefs and parenting styles between parents and step-parents. I do believe that step-parents are parents too, but its too bad that some of them seem bent on being a "better" mom instead of supporting the kids and providing them love and nuturance. She will have an influence on the children whether its good or bad and whether we like it or not. Just make sure you keep your side of things neutral, so the kids don't feel they are being tugged at from both sides...