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i dont think i am going to lose in the long run. I think i will win because she has withheld access and there is proof, the ocl found a police report where she admits she has withheld access plus she wrote a letter to the school saying she has sole custody and i am to have no access. i just dont know if i will win a motion asking for a change to the temp access order pending trial. oh and i have her on tape threatening me with legal and i said how will you pay and she said i have money put away. i gave her all the money in the marriage and she paid bills and saved for our family i cant get legal aid because i own the house she is living in with our child. she is asking for sole possession of the house. i told her i will give it to her if she signs that she wont move our child out of the house for 5 years and if she does i want my half. she refused and just wants it anyway. she is asking for the court to give it to her.l