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Yes you do have the right to move back in, but question is do you want to?
and do you want your children to be involved or witness some confrontation?
If you do decide to attend the home make sure you have a witness.

Your ex had no right to move your personal belongings in the drive way ie: this sort of suggests that she ended the relationship and threw you out of the home. Seems rather aggressive. This behavior does not look good on her for whatever reason. If your ex wanted exclusive possession of the matrimonial home, she has an onus under the law to pursue same.

If you went to the home unannounced no doubt that it would be disruptive. There are children in the home. It is best to get the blessing of the court or attempt to speak with your spouse to come to a resolution. Perhaps try counseling. If it was me, I would start by sending your ex a formal letter requesting that you would like to come home and resume living there. The reason why I would do it this way is because of the children present and it is a non aggressive method. If you are unsuccessful, you will have to look to the courts for resolution.

In regards to your relationship with your children, This is paramount.
It is your children's right whatever the age to have a meaningful relationship with both parent's unless there was a cogent reason for otherwise.