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So - is this how it should work??? I'm using round numbers for simplicity

2010 I paid $250,000 for the house - had a mortgage of $100,000., therefore equity of $150,000 - split 50/50 my equity $75,000, ex's equity at time of separation $75,000

2011 sold house for $252,000 - mortgage $98,000., total equity of $154,000 - ex's portion $75,000 (as it was at date of separation), mine $79,000. (this is where I recoup my principal paid), property taxes paid should be added on separately thru adjustments?

the 50% calculation will be based on the value of the house at time of separation - not what I sold it for ...the extra profit (the way the law reads) is mine.........any monies put into the house during the marriage - is 50/50 - regardless of who put what in.

thanks in advance for your help
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