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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
I know two posters on here where their ex found them and used the posts in court filings. And they aren�t private investigator people. I hadn�t thought of that Tayken and now it brings this case to a whole new level. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Key is to keep it civil in this forum and not say anything that
(a) is not factual
(b) you wouldn't want a judge to read or be aware of.

All of my postings have been 100% accurate. Do I say anything negative about ex? No. However I do respectfully disagree with her position on custody and parenting time. That is no secret. Do I think Family Law needs change? Yes. Do I think my ex acts in needless petty ways? Yes. Here are a # of examples... and so on.

If my ex were to hold up any of my posts in court, I would gladly speak to them. Although my opinions on how Family Law needs to change are not relevant to the case and would only waste court's time. So actually, I would welcome my ex to hold up print outs of Brampton33 in court where she says "Look judge, I think Brampton33 is my ex, and he thinks Family Law needs reform!!"
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