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My question is of a functional nature so I know what to ask for.

WRT the wording of the benefits "that are received by the parent or spouse for a child for whom special or extraordinary expenses are being requested." The specification of received for "a" child brings a few questions to mind:

1) if there are multiple children is it the total amount received or that amount divided by number of children?

2) if only a part of a benefit is received for the children (such as with the OTB and GST credit) is it only the portion that is for the children or the entire amount?

3) If one child has a disability does that portion of the CCTB only get attributed to that child or to all the children (ie separate ratio for the child with the disability)?

4) Similarly, if UCCB is received does it only apply for the child that is under 6?

(benefit numbers are ballpark estimates)

2 children, Child A has a disability, Child B is under 6

Income (line 150 and line 236 assumed to be the same): $10,000

Total CCTB: $12,000
Child diability benefit (included in CCTB): $2,500

UCCB: $1200

GST Total: $800
Amount associated with the children: $400

OTB Total: $1200
Amount associated with the children: $600

Taking into account just the totals
Adjusted income for all eligible expenses: $25,200


Taking into account the wording "for a child"

Adjusted income for eligible expenses relating to Child A: $17,750
Adjusted income for eligible expenses relating to Child B: $16,450

The difference is significant and I don't want to interpret it wrong.

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