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Default What to do - Do I call my D18 as witness to defend myself ?

Hi community,


As some of you know I have battled for and won my children back. All four.

Now the hard part. There was an incident of DV during the marriage in 2012 - I would ask you not to judge, suffice to say I have taken full responsibility. STBX was caught stealing money meant as security for a business loan. Regardless, I reacted poorly and have paid a heavy price. Despite that I now have my children, the OCL has sided with me and STBX pays support. I am the APPLICANT.

In early 2017, STBX amends pleadings for a claim of tort, claiming whiplash during an entirely fictitious and egregious account of the incident of DV.

STBX claims to have discovered her injuries 30 months after DV, and very significantly after a self inflected head injury.

I am very confident that STBX's claims will fail the "but for" test. That said,

My D18 witnessed the assault, to which she agrees that the DV as described by STBX is utterly untrue, secondly, D18 saw the intervening event in which STBX injured her head, which seems to be the basis of STBX's claim.

The relationship between STBX and children is non existent. STBX has chosen to pursue $$$ and litigation instead of children.

I am prepared to provide compensation, but STBX saught damages will bankrupt me. So I must fight.


Should I call D18 as a witness to the stand ? D18 could clearly rebut the baloney.

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