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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
As a receiver of SS I will throw my hat into this discussion:

I would keep money aside if you are unsuccessful and have to pay arrears.

I would not pay anything without an INTERIM ORDER.

Interim Orders can be good for both sides as it clearly sets out reasons, terms and length.

If your ex has no other income, and she hasn't provided financial disclosure, I would not pay any more until she provides documentation. Your lawyer can simply send a letter to opposing counsel giving them 30 days to turn over financial disclosure. If you don't receive it by that date then money stops. Often lawyers can make agreements simply over the phone and the two of you should be able to get an interim order by consent filed.

Just my 2 cents....
thanks Arabian...she's already given financial disclosures..the disclosures I'm referring to helps decide on CS IF any any is entitled...again, long story I don't want to through out here in public forum...If you'd like a little more info on it, I can PM..

it's rather unique really...ask pursuing
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