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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
First some good news. Im cancer free and can get on with my life. Also, we are getting married in a few weeks and are pretty happy. Hes worried he wont be a good husband but I assure him neither one of us have good days all the time, its how we manage the bad days that get us through.

Now the stupid news. The sc is now adjourned as ex got a lawyer and they need some time to review the case. Which means we are in our third year of this when it should have been resolved in a month outside of court. We are cautiously optimistic that a lawyer will actually get through to her that her requests are not legal. Time will tell though. A new offer went out.

For now we are going to enjoy our small wedding, the new chapter of our life, a week away somewhere and the knowledge that it may be almost over.

Awesome news Rockscan! So happy to hear about all the positives for you. Keep your head up - hopefully the legal stuff will be sorted out soon so you can put it behind you.

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