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New here - reading this forum for awhile.
To introduce myself
1. 4 children
2. Married for 17 years
3. I have not worked
4. Ex Spouse earns 700K/year
5. Separated March 2021
6. Ex Spouse moved out of family home June 2021

We’re not separated financially. I’m still in the home and he pays all the bills and I have access to all the cc and bank accounts - Im just continuing on the way I did before.

The pattern that has evolved is he has all 4 kids(7, 9, 13, 15)
every second weekend and then has one of them every Thursday night.
It’s a very busy schedule - the kids all go to different schools - all are doing well. Ex Spouse always saying that he wants to get a parenting schedule and I say okay but then he has no suggestions. We’re a year into this schedule and the kids are all doing really well. I frequently suggest evenings when some of the children are free and encourage him to take them out for dinner etc - sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t.

There’s a complicating factor in that there is a long standing history of abuse and when I first was gathering myself together to leave one of my friends told me that I needed to collect evidence of the abuse - so I did that. I’m now just trying to recover and find “myself” again while raising 4 kids.

Any thoughts on my situation?
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