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No nothing other than refusing grandparents visit by this past Sunday because I didn’t think it was smart of them to travel from a region that was under a stay at home order just to drop off food grandmother had made and then go grocery shopping in our region. It was also the 15th anniversary of my fathers sudden death. So didn’t really want to see my ex in laws.

But yes it’s nice father wanted to see his son after 10 months. So there is that. Wish he had just told me he was picking him up from school. In the past 8 years the father hadn’t attended a single parent teacher interview or musical performance But that might change now.

Son loves the school he is at and the high school he will be moving to in September.
So not sure if he will want to move to a different region. He has friends he has had since grade one live in this neighborhood and are moving to the same high school.

Son also loves having his own bedroom and privacy here. Grandmother insists that he share her bed when he is staying overnight. But hey, maybe that will change, now that I’ve finally had the courage to tell them that this sleeping arrangement is unacceptable.

He is a typical teenager when he is at home here. Moody, angry and upset sometimes but that’s ok because he feels safe enough to express those emotions. But he knows I love him unconditionally no matter what. He spends a lot of time with his friends playing on Xbox or in person at the park playing basketball. Pre-covid used to drive him to all his games.

Son is very eager to please father and grandparents and will avoid conflict at all cost. But it has to be his journey to navigate. No doubt he will carve out his own identity. I will support him no matter what.

But thank you for the different perspective.

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