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It is frustrating and know that there are dads out there who follow the agreement and pay what they owe and have ex wives who insist they owe more. If my husbands ex had just shut her mouth and accepted what he paid she would be up $2000 plus the $3000 she had to pay for his legal fees and what I estimate as $5000 for her legal fees. She too felt my husband was trying to screw her despite us providing piles of documents and her providing nothing (not even copies of tuition receipts or OSAP awards).

If it really isnt that much of a difference and his cs would go down, why not just calculate what he would owe for the school expenses and consider it a wash? If his cs payments will go down $2000 a year and he owes you $3000 for school is it really worth you wasting the time and energy? If you took it to court the judge would expect a reasonable contribution from the child (and his lawyer would insist on it) which would not be in accordance with what is in your agreement. Despite it being that way, kids have to contribute its just how much that works out to that will be disputed.
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