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And that information was available in the link Survivor Benefits I posted long ago in this thread.

Moreover, you have demonstrated YET AGAIN that you don't get it. You can't contract into a survivor benefit via a cohab, separataion or any other agreeement you make. The eligibility requirements are clear. If you don't meet them, tough bananas.

What is very interesting from your partial story above is that your ex didn't contribute at all in at least some periods and you even go on to give (terribly wrong) advice to people with no incomes i.e. people in your situation. The implication is that your ex had no income in some years, and very probably a low income in the other years.

With that in mind, I'm guessing (but can't be sure due to your refusal to disclose) that she was getting a CTB $400-500/mth on average over the 10 years. That alone would be $50,000-60,000 in CTB payments. Add in the false eligible dependant claim and now the estimate of the total you two ripped us off is closer to $75,000-90,000.

But you are "done with this thread" and/or you will continue to run from the truth, so I guess we will never know for sure.