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Now for the issues that I was talking here I have received an answer. Now I quote the letter from Service Canada in Timmings Ontario. "our file shows that she made valid contributions to the Canada Pension Plan in only X years" sorry but not divulging that. "the deceased must have made valid contributions to the Cana da Pension Plan in at least 9 years between March XXXX and December XXXX" So in other words If she would have made enough contribution I would have been entitled for a Canada Pension Plan benefit. So for others that could have a clause inserted in the separation agreements and that their ex made enough contributions to the Canada Pension Plan would be eligible to receive the Canada Pension Plan Death benefit. That would be so useful for people with children without an income and that has separate to be able to rely at least on something if the person that does pay spousal support died suddenly. I am seing my lawyer tomorrow on other matter and will bring this letter so that he make sure that this is included when he take care of people and separation.

My sympathy still goes to her family for their loss and may she rest in peace, at least she brought something good to others.

I am now done with this thread. thank you