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Approximately 6 months after separation my son's car wouldn't start and there was a large oil leak. The car was parked in an underground parking lot of the condo where we lived and the condo maintenance fellow was having a fit, threatening to fine us etc. A few months before this my ex had taken my son's car and given it to his g/f's son (nice father eh?). He was able to do this because the car was registered to him. (We always had our personal vehicles registered under my ex's name.) The matter was negotiated between lawyers and my ex had to give my son a car to replace the one he had given away. Yes even lawyers had to work that one out.

Anyhow, I panicked when the maintenance guy was banging on our door. I called my ex and told him what the problem was and he agreed to come over right away to look at the car and help us out. This was the first and last time I ever asked my ex for a favor.

When my ex arrived at our place he had his g/f with him. Just 6 weeks previous to this I had been in court defending myself against this crazy woman who had tried to have a peace bond put on me, saying that I threatened her. That whole issue was bunted out of court with an admonition for HER to stay away from me. So here we are a few months later with my ex and the nutty g/f in tow. I was pretty upset and said to him "xxx this is not appropriate." His response was "we just all have to get along." He then abruptly told the g/f to put her head under the hood of the car and proceeded to bark instructions at her. I was stunned that she did this. The car eventually did start and we took the car to a junk place a few days later.

I guess what I'm saying is that it was hard enough to have to call my ex and ask for his help but to have the g/f there was pretty awful. I didn't have a problem accepting his assistance but having her there with him, was just too much. I wonder, did she come along just to see me in a distressed situation? It was no secret that I am mechanically inept.

Unless you get some sort of perverse enjoyment out of making his ex squirm I really don't know why you would assist her. I don't know why your husband would even entertain the idea of letting you call your friend to help out his ex wife.

You see, you can look at this as simply you were very generous to help the woman out because the kids were in the car. Or, are you like my ex's g/f and just did it for shits and giggles and to have one over on her?

Just giving you an "ex wife's" perspective.