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As to an urgent motion, I would be inclined to suggest that waiting until after the move for the late November court date is an implied consent (and really, no guarantee the late nov court date won’t be adjourned for one reason or another). I would have your lawyer draft a letter that you agree that *she* can move to Sudbury, but the child stays in Massey (where, after all, her daycare is). Offer the mother liberal parenting time, but the child lives with you in Massey. You may want to specify that you will waive her requirement to pay child support until final detiremination of residence is made.

I am suggesting this on some assumptions: the two of you having true shared custody, that you currently have the child for seven overnights in a two week period, that the child has her own bedroom in your home, and you are fully involved in her life (taking her to extracurricular activities, play dates with friends, visiting family). I’m a little unclear about the mother’s current employment - she is currently working in Massey and dropping the child off at daycare, then returning to sleep in Sudbury? But if she gets a job in either Sudbury or North Bay there would be no reason for *her* to keep driving the child to Massey for childcare (if she worked in Sudbury it would add a four hour commute for her each day and be a very long time for the 3 year old to be in a car daily). So the logical thing would be to keep the child in Massey as per the current status quo.

I am not as optimistic as other posters that she will be denied mobility, you mentioned a fianc�e and them selling/buying homes together, which indicates a pretty stable relationship that can financially support your child. If you aren’t in your own home, I would investigate buying one if possible, based on where you want your daughter to go to school in Massey, keeping visiting the Soo on weekends to strengthen family ties, and bump up your documented/public participation in her life.

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