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Originally Posted by tilt View Post
I would still be concerned, she is inching your daughter away from you and using this time to set up Sudbury as a new status quo. If she gets a job in Sudbury she will may try to move the daycare to Sudbury. From Sudbury, after she has been there a while, it will be much easier for her to move to North Bay. An hour move away is too far, especially in the north, heading into winter. And, if you do not object to the move to Sudbury it is considered “on consent”.
Yep, before I even knew about North Bay I was concerned with this inching away strategy. Good call, I should at least respond saying I do not consent. Having said that I'm guessing I don't do an urgent motion and just wait for my court date in late November? I don't feel confident with that one as my access isn't affected in the interim. But again, I don't really know. Will discuss options with lawyer.
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