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The important item in this is that there has been a change in custody/access. They had shared offset custody/support and now they dont.

The parent with more custody should advise the other parent that the schedule has not been in accordance with the original agreement and she will be filing to update. Then she should file a motion for child support based on the new schedule.

WHEN he responds, then she can request updated financial information BUT she must accept the fact that his lifestyle with a new partner IS NONE OF HER BUSINESS. What is relevant for support purposes is his income. If he is self employed then she should brush up on what to ask for.

Tell your friend to stop letting all the excess noise cloud her vision otherwise its going to a be long painful road full of expenses and pettiness. If her ex chooses to be an EOW dad then thats on him. Commentary and opinions on it mean nothing. If he chooses to be an EOW dad then he will be responsible for contributing to that life for his child.

*before you bash me, Im not saying he IS an EOW dad but at this point the status quo is this way. The full time parents on this forum step up immediately. This guy gives them a bad name.
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