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I understand why that would come off wrong... I just donít know how to deal with someone who avoids everything in life and expects everything. I donít mean to bash her mother, I really donít. I just know that this is NOT an appropriate way to go through life! Everyone deals with conflict and one point or another. Thatís part of life! I would have assumed that 2 years of counseling and thousands of $ would have given her better tools to cope. The reason their mother said I need to fix my relationship with my daughters is because I left their mother... not them. Unfortunately, their mother saw it appropriate to tell them I left them as well. I did not. I left the house, but not them. Iíve loved 2 blocks away for 2 years and was always there when they needed me. Iíve gone to counseling with a couple of different counselors. I will never tell them what I feel about their mother, but I need to help them. I love my daughter and thereís no good reason for her to push me away. She will grow up resenting whatís gone on, and I donít want her to feel guilty or resentful. I need to help my daughter through whatever sheís going through, even if she ends up being mad at me. Iím a father, not a friend and want to do whatís best for her.
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