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Originally Posted by Tired_Dad View Post
Hello all! Well, this road is not getting any easier. It looks like my daughter is turning out like her mother. ....
I did read the rest of your post- but wow. This part here made me go "Ooff"....just saying that she's turning out like her mother, that is alarm bells for me. Our kids ARE like us- both parts- mom and dad. My daughter already has her dad's temper, and I can see she'll probably have some self regulation issues. But if anyone were to say "I guess she's like her dad"- I would shut that shit down immediately. Saying this is saying 1) there is something inherently wrong with her mom (who she loves) and therefore 2) saying there is something wrong with her.

Have you done any counselling yourself?

I'm sorry your family is going through this.

Why did your ex-wife think there your relationships with your daughters needed fixing?
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