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Originally Posted by ninehundredt View Post
Hi everyone,
I haven't posted in quite some time, but I have been back in court on and off for the past year. My ex filed suit in September of 2017, less than a year after our previous settlement.

This time she was demanding that I contribute to private school for both children. I offered mediation, which she refused, and thus began the lengthy process of trying to reach a settlement yet again.

In the meantime she has continued along the same path with the usual behavior. Attempting to alienate the children, blocking access to the children's physician, and being generally unpleasant to everyone she comes in contact with.

I found out the hard way that OCL reports / recommendations 'age' over a short period of time, so I was unable to use the 2016 report to any effect this time around. Fortunately my lawyer and I were able to convince the judge to endorse our request for an OCL update a few weeks ago. I'm currently waiting patiently for a response from our OCL application.

I hope that everyone is persevering, and gets some much needed down time over the holiday period. I'll post more updates as they come.
good to hear from you. Don't be surprised if OCL declines their involvement at first, apparently they need a very strong reason to accept the Judge's referral.
In my case they refused twice and after my 2nd reconsideration letter they accepted to update their first custody and access assessment (completed in 2013).
Looks like your ex is prone to erase you from your children's life, same like mine, all alienators has the same mindset.
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