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My story has not changed; I added clarity. The reason I brought up money is because it's important to identify that my objective in changing the access to 60/40 is not about money as some might assume. 50-50 does not work if parents are consumed with conflict. I should also let you know that we (my partner and I) were aggressively looking to purchase a home in my son's school district until the school social worker told both my son's dad and I that our son wants to change school (not to mention the school labelled him as having ADHD) and explained to us that he values family and sees others going to the same school as their sibling(s). I did not change our schedule when my ex announced the pregnancy. I wanted things to remain status quo till my son adapted to these major changes and transitioned gently. If my son's wishes were to go to the same school as the twins, I would be happy to entertain the idea.

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