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Thank you for your replies. I believe I can add clarity. I'm the one who left the relationship three years ago. His dad was offered the job of his dreams and moved to the same city after our separation of 8mths. He had false hope of getting back together and became hostile when he found out I was dating.

I should also add that I was in my relationship for a year and a half before We co-habituated (20min away). My ex met someone too and after three months in, announced the pregnancy with the twins and the move. We were close to working out a 50-50 at that (it didn't work before because of his work hours) and I wanted to put the brakes because of this big change in my son's life.

I had not moved in with my bf at this point when all of this was unfolding. I've been living with my partner and his daughter who's with us week on week off for a year now, three years have gone by and my son wants to go to school here with her. Yes- we've paid for private psychological assessments for my son. He even told the social worker at school his wishes about changing school.

The reason behind changing 50-50 to more of a 60-40 are purely because we don't see eye to eye and I would like to focus more on his academics. I feel his father is still upset I left our relationship and our son is now (even after 3yrs) hurting cause of our separation and I am certainly blamed for my sons actions and emotional outburst at school. Things have been better - I will say that however his dad is a firm believer that having two homes is not a way of life. He also wants to change his school to his school district.

He refuses to pay for any care, camps or sports in my community and declares his home my son's primary address. He is very hostile and I feel this inhibits his ability to co-parent - which in turn affects my son. After 3 years, he still won't call or write my partner's name and only refers to him as my bf.

To be clear, I was very happy to hear he entered into a new relationship; I was genuinely happy for him and was kind to her the first time I met her. It was only when he announced his news that I felt 50-50 should wait atleast six months (after the twins were born) as I wanted to shield my son from this big change.

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