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I can understand why the dad would be upset with the OP, and it isn't because of the new guy. OP's ex is likely upset because OP moved out of the child's familiar location and now OP wants to change the child's school. Dad is likely resistant because he doesn't see why her move should be reason to change the regular parenting schedule and change schools. I can also see how this could be construed as being upset with the new relationship, as it was caused by the new relationship.

I also did see the hypocrisy about her wanting to pull back on Dad's time when he got into a new relationship, but yet made no mention of intending on doing the same thing when she entered her new relationship. I also see the hypocrisy in stating that she did that because she wants stability and to limit change on the child, yet in the next breathe advises that they have moved to another town and now want to change the child's school.

I also didn't understand the reasoning on reducing dad's time as a means of limiting the impact of the changes in the child's life. To me, it is backwards logic. Let's reduce the amount of time the child spends with the other parent because the other parent is in a new relationship and that family is growing, only to re-introduce the child later when much has changed. It makes no sense. The child will adjust better being regularly involved throughout all the stages of both parents life.

IMO, OP needs to re-think their stance. OP sees the ex as hostile, yet doesn't see that her decisions could have caused such resistance.
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