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Depending on the nature of what she was to re-negotiate, you may be under no obligation to discuss it with her.

If she wants to change the current parenting time scheme to something that does not provide for at least the same parenting time for you, I would simply state you don't agree that there is a need for a change and that it is in the best interests of the children to maintain status quo.

If it relates to child support, well....that doesn't really need an agreement to change. That should be changing automatically as the payors income fluctuates.

If it relates to some random insignificant matter that has little effect on your parenting time or whatever, I would agree to mediate, at her expense, as she is the one who is seeking to alter the agreement. Should mediation be successful, I would agree to them reimburse her 50% of the costs of mediation. I would agree to mediate in good faith.

But if her issue is something you wouldn't agree to anyway, like you getting less parenting time, I would simply state to her that you don't agree with any change that reduces your parenting time and that mediation will not change your mind on that.